Decorating my plate one meal at a time

Back on the wagon?

I know, I know, it’s been two months since I last posted.  I got swept up in a tidal wave of holiday apathy and just… couldn’t.   I couldn’t care about cooking, or writing, or eating healthy.    I gained a few pounds, but I lost them and more right after the new year… and then I gained a couple back again.  So, it’s time for me to get back on the wagon and start cooking, eating and THINKING healthy again.

To start things off right, Mom and I made a meal plan, a grocery list and a grocery excursion this evening.  After we returned home with our load of mostly produce, we set to chopping and prepping for several meals and snacks.

While I was chopping veggies for tonight’s snack, I went ahead and prepped a few extra so all I need to do is open the fridge and grab.  This usually makes all the difference for me.  If I look in the fridge and see a pile of veggies I would need to prep or a ready-to-grab sugar free pudding cup, I’m probably going to go for the fast and easy sweet chocolatey goodness.   As choices go, that wouldn’t be the worst, but I really should be eating more veggies and less pre-packaged snacks.

I also whipped up a batch of my new favorite dip.  Fast, easy and flavor packed!  The dip is a really simple creation of mine:  1 cup fat free (or low fat) cottage cheese and about 1 table spoon of Two Sisters Gourmet Outrageously Garlic blend and a half teaspoon of Penzey’s Mural of Flavor.  I throw the whole works in my mini food processor and pulse until its smooth-ish.  Cottage cheese will never get completely smooth, so don’t burn out the motor trying.

You could also make this with dried minced onion and garlic or other seasonings, I just used what I have on hand.    This dip is great on raw veggies, baked potatoes and veggie chips or straws.  I usually keep myself to a 1/2 cup portion or less.

So now that I’m back on the healthy-eating wagon, I’m also hoping to catch up with the write-about-your-food wagon.

I’ve been surfing Pinterest, making a list of recipes I want to try and I’ve talked Mom into trying THREE of them this week, plus we’re experimenting with a recipe in her collection, if it turns out particularly tasty, you’ll see it here.

If its a dismal flop, you probably won’t.


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