Decorating my plate one meal at a time


Early in 2011, life threw me a curve ball when my job went overseas, but I took that opportunity to move back home with my recently widowed (but still very active) mother and go back to school.  Mom and I share a house where we have at least two of everything, including kitchens, but we like to cook and eat together when we can.  I’m the more adventurous cook, so it’s always exciting for me when I can convince Mom to try something outside her comfort zone.  I also love to help Mom make some of our old favorites, because I learn why it never tastes like Mom’s when I make it.

When I’m not doing school work I like to crochet and read, and spend what time I can with my boyfriend.

Mom and I also share our home with a geriatric long-hair tabby named Groovy who likes to sit in his own chair at the dinner table with us so that he never misses out on any of the action.

I enjoy food… a little too much.  I’ve spent a good deal of time combing cook books and websites for healthy food that leaves both my stomach and my aesthetics satisfied without expanding my waistline and shrinking my bank account.  I love to take pictures of my food, because I see a plate not only as something to keep me from eating directly off the kitchen counter, but as a backdrop for the works of art produced in kitchens across the world.


Raise your fork

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