Decorating my plate one meal at a time


Where does time go?

graduationGah!  Has it seriously been 2 years since I updated this thing?

So much has changed since I last posted!

I graduated with my Associates Degree in October and days later started an entry level job sort of in my field.  Not exactly what I went to school for, but I have my foot in the door and a chance to move around within the community based hospital/clinic I work for..

I also moved in with my boyfriend,Pork Chop (PC), which means I gave up my really pretty brand new kitchen for a 50’s vintage farmhouse that was last updated in the 80’s.  I love love love it.  It could use some freshening up, but otherwise, it is a space I’ve come to love in the years I’ve known my boyfriend.  Living in a rural setting is not what I expected I’d be doing with my life, and yet, here I am.  Living on a family farm that PC’s grandparents built, and sharing it with PC’s parents has turned out to be a dream come true.  Who would have guessed?

Living with him has meant some adjustments to my eating.  Most of which were not healthy.  There’s been some weight gain.  I found myself coming back here to collect a recipe or two.

If and when I am back to posting regularly, there will likely be some evolving here.  While my focus will still be on healthy eating, it will also be on “boy friendly”  meals.   Also on chicken and egg dishes.  We currently have 12 laying hens and 1 roo, but just put our order in yesterday for 5 more egg chicks, 15 meat birds (I call them “nuggets”), and his parents ordered 15 meat ducklings, and 2 egg ducklings!    I’m really enjoying our freezer full of last fall’s nugget harvest, and a fruit cellar full of canned tomatoes.  We’re planning our (shared) garden now and I’m hoping that my gardening skills get better with time.  Hey, that poinsettia is still alive!  So is last year’s Christmas cactus.  My brown thumb seems to be recovering!

As you can tell from this post, I may stray away from the food-focus now and then, and more onto a farm-life topic more often.  We’ll have to see.

If you’re one of my former readers- thanks for coming back.  If you’re a new reader- I make no promises about consistent posting, either in frequency or theme, we’ll just have to see where this goes!


A litte of my history…

Mom and I were looking through old photos over supper tonight.  We noticed a bit of a theme.
I started out eating healty. Then I discovered the kitchen. Nothing like getting to help make your own 2nd birthday cake. I always loved to lick the beaters!

The clean plate club.

Basic dishes

If you were raised the way I was raised, you are also a member of the clean plate club.  Growing up we were frequently reminded that there are starving children in Africa who would be happy to eat your spinach-liver-broccoli-casserole.

Because I’m trying to watch what I eat, I’m not only focusing on eating healthy foods, but also on eating reasonable portions.  What that means to you, is that the majority of the food photographed here is on what most would consider a “dessert” plate.   I use the smaller plate to prevent myself from filling up a dinner plate and trying to eat it all. The years of childhood programming make it really hard to leave food on my plate even though I’m feeling uncomfortably full.  I like to think that a tiny full plate makes my brain say “Wow, look at all that food!” where a larger, sparsely loaded plate makes my brain say “Is that all?”.

I have two “everyday” sets of dishes I use here at home, Corelle Ware and a kids set from IKEA.  Both are nearly indestructible. The IKEA stuff doesn’t hold up to the microwave and dishwasher as well as I’d like, but it is fun and colorful, which I enjoy.  I think eating should be fun; even if I’m just eating apple slices for a snack, I put them in a colorful little bowl.

If you are also making an effort to live a more healthy lifestyle, give the smaller plate a try, you might be surprised at what a big difference a small change can make.

Basic dishes

Dishes most likely to be found in my dishwasher.

Jumping in with both feet!

I love taking pictures of my food. Especially food that I’ve made with my own hands.

I’ve been posting a lot of pictures to Facebook, but the format doesn’t give me much room to expand on the what, how or why. I love the simplicity of snapping a shot with my cellphone and loading it to FB in the blink of an eye, but I want to attempt to do more.   I don’t expect to be particularly wordy, but I would like to be able to share & review recipes now and then.

So here it is. I set up an account and I have a few pictures that I’ve previously loaded to FB that I will be expanding on, and one new shot from this afternoon- I’m just going to close my eyes and jump.
Watch this space to see what goes *splat!*  Who knows, it might even end up on your plate.